Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Today, 13.12.2010- I am celebrating my 8th anniversaries with my beloved Mr Husband. I am kinda busy that i forgotten to make a surprise on him or even buy him present. how bad i am..;(
But he Mr Husband always give me surprise. He give me present with this lovely card which i think really suit me so much..;)

with POISSE i get brilliant smile, brilliant body and brilliant personality from a brilliant hubby..;)

Thank you dear...Thank you for being a loving husband to me, Thank you for being a wonderful father to my kids, thank you for being so supportive when i came to you, totally distraught. And I'll thank Allah for giving you my love...you my friend and my strength and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and i hope this relationship will last forever INS YA ALLAH..HAPPY 8TH ANNIVERSARY.


soy yg manis :P said...

hepi anniversary my dear fwen!

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